[Clash Royale]Mugi’s Bio, Age, girlfriend, height, YouTube, Affiliation etc.


Hey guys! It’s Joma from Japan.

Today, I’m going to talk about Mugi,a Japanese player in Clash Royale.

This article was written by a Japanese, so there may be mistakes in English

Mugi has been performing admirably in the Clash Royale world championships.

He won the 2021 World Championship and is currently the best Clash Royale player in Japan, but he posts infrequently on social networking sites and there is not much information about him.

In this issue, we will thoroughly investigate YouTube, Twitter, etc., and include some thoughts about him.

Profile of Mugi

Name: Mugi
Real name: Unknown
Nickname: Mugittan
Date of birth: February 4, 2004
Age: 19 years old
Affiliation: Crazy Raccoon
Occupation: Professional gamer

We never found out Mugi’s real name.

Some people suggested that his real name might be “Mugi”, but considering the rarity of the name “Mugi” for a Japanese male and the fact that he used the name “Noa” in his old Clash Royale subaccount, I think his real name might be something else entirely.

He said he watches cartoons, so maybe he took the name from a character.

His age is currently 19 and he reports his birthday on Twitter.

Translation: I turned 19. Enjoying my last teenage years!

I could not find any detailed information about his height, but he was described as “tall” by fellow Kralois Kentsumeshi and Laiki Jones and others.

We could not find any detailed information about his height, but we can guess that he is between 170 cm and 175 cm based on the photo.

This is about the average height of a Japanese male.

Dose he have a girlfriend?

Although Mugi does not like to show his face much, he is a handsome man with a very well-defined face in Japan.

Translation: I was happy at DisneySea.

I don’t see his gf in the post, but it is a Christmas photo, so I assume she is taking it.

In the replies, “Is that gf?” Many are skeptical.

Translation: Merry Christmas! What have you been up to?

Translation: It was beautiful.

In both cases, he is alone in the photo and someone else is taking the picture, so I am sure it is his gf, taking into account the fact that it is Christmas.

Some of the replies included interesting comments such as, “Do i lose to Mugi in the game and in real life?”.

However, we could not find a photo of what we believe to be his gf.

How well Mugi Clash Royale

Translation: Yay undefeated world #1!!!!Thank you for your support I love you guys.

Needless to say, Mugi’s Clash Royale is top notch.

The team won the 2021 World Championship and placed 4th in the 2022 World Championship.

When asked to name two people who play Clash Royale who are good at it, most people raise Mugi and Mohamed Light.

Mohamed Light is often called the best in the world, but some people call Mugi the best in the world because Mo lost his first match at this year’s World Championships and also lost early in the Loser’s Resurrection Round.

Mugi’s eyes are hidden by her bangs during matches, and she is nearly expressionless, leading play-by-play commentators to ask, “How is she looking at the screen?” or “Maybe she is a robot”.

But when he won in 2021, he showed a mischievous side, and a commentator said, “I’ve never seen Mugi’s eyes and his smile before.”

Why do they often hide their faces?

Those of you who look closely at Mugi’s photos may wonder why he frequently hides his face or wears a mask.

This was common in post-COVID-19 Japan, where more and more people wore masks to hide their facial complexes even if they were not feeling well.

But my guess is that Mugi wears the mask not because he has facial complexes but just because she is shy.

Mugi’s YouTube

Overseas Channels

Mugi has an international channel and is starting in April 2019.

However, the channels for overseas audiences do not have commentary, only video.

Just not updated much lately.

The number of subscribers here is 191k.

Channels for Japan

The YouTube channel for Japan has 103k subscribers, who can watch the game with Mugi’s commentary.

However, the commentary is in Japanese only and there are no English subtitles.

The videos are mainly about introducing environmental decks and plans to become the best in the world using the opponent’s deck before one game.

YouTube was recommended to him by a teammate after he won the 2021 World Championship.

Therefore, we have been working on the overseas channel longer than on the Japanese channel.

Although Mugi-san seems mild-mannered, his frequent outbursts of emotion in his videos are amusing and recommended for those who are studying Japanese.